Poetry defines that which is insufficiently defined by the world. It is the use of language at the very edge of what language can do


For my poetry I use language and images to relay emotion and situations that are to do with family, displacement and love

Poetry CV

Member of Malika's Kitchen - one of the UK's foremost poetry collectives

Shortlisted nationally down to last 14 for The Complete Works Poetry for up and coming minority ethnics writers - the most successful diversity programme in British Arts

Long-listed (top 1%) in the UK National Poetry Competition 2017 and 2018

Prize-winner (3rd place) in the Magma Poetry Magazine international competition, 2016


Prize-winner (runners up) in the Troubadour International Poetry competition, 2017 http://www.coffeehousepoetry.org/poems/troubadour-poetry-prize-2017



They told me they had to slice


open his legs rip out


a handful of arteries


They told me the retractor


held the crack            in his chest


nine hours too long


Three times they told me


I had a bionic dad


Not body

nor mind


but plastic

and pumps

And all that was keeping him here


was the man who had dreamt of


and built a machine



and the one whose hands


were working


     like thunder